E-Waste are a serious threat
on our environment

The e-waste crisis

Every year more than 47 million tons of electrical and electronic waste are treated in an unknown, non-environmentally sound way.

What are the consequences?

change the


Our state-of-the-art
WEEE Recycling robots

We empower recycling plants and electronic producers

By harnessing the potential of robotics and artificial intelligence we can transform e-waste recycling in a winning game.


Our modular robotic system exploits human-robot cooperation to treat more than 60 monitor and tv per hour, ensuring 99% of valuable materials recovery.


Our propretary software enables a super fast delta robot to sort printed circuit board according to the valuable materials in it, helping plants to optimize the earnings from sales.

HIRO ***

New robotic recycling systems

Recycling different classes of E-Waste will be crucial for reducing their environmental impact and to recover valuable materials. We are currently working on new R&D projects.

Together we can transform
e-waste recycling
Hiro Robotics - Robots for WEEE Recycling
Hiro Robotics - Robots for WEEE Recycling