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HIRO TEAM’S vision

We dream about using robotics to create a future where our discarded electronics are not seen as trash, but as a valuable resource for a sustainable world.

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HIRO Robotics’ STORY

Since 2018, our team has been working to revolutionize cutting-edge technologies from the realms of robotics and artificial intelligence, to tackle the pressing global challenge of e-waste recycling.

people of hiro

Davide Labolani


Jacopo Lottero

r&d director

Tomaso Manca

Marketing director

Michele Olivieri


Christian Riva

system integration

Daniele Piccardo

administration and control

Fabio Fusaro

Robotics Engineer

Valentina Sanguineti

Computer vision engineer

Francesco pagano

Robotics Engineer

Leonardo Toccafondi

Mechanical Engineering Intern

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Hiro Robotics - Robots for WEEE Recycling
Hiro Robotics - Robots for WEEE Recycling