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HIRO Robotics is an innovative startup specializing in robotics, computer vision, and machine learning, based in Genoa, Liguria. HIRO Robotics’ solutions guarantee the flexibility and efficiency of processes by creating environments of coexistence and cooperation where the added value of robots and operators is enhanced.

In addition to the most cutting edge industrial robotics systems, we offer systems integrated with 6-axis collaborative robots that are safe, flexible, and easy to use in companies of all sizes. Thanks to the partnership with Universal Robots, a leader in the cobotics sector, we design systems that allow production departments to assign staff to higher value-added tasks, creating tasks full of new challenges and adding value to the company.

What do you need to improve the
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Palletizing and Packaging

We use classic industrial robots and collaborative robots to create applications for palletizing and packaging products. HIRO Robotics systems are designed with particular attention to the reconfigurability and mobility of the robotic cell, adapting to the different and changing needs of the system.

Injection Molding

We automate the loading and unloading of injection molding machines with the use of the latest generation robots. Collaborative robots, in particular, offer dedicated modules to communicate with the most popular interface protocols for plastic injection machines.

Component Assembling

Screwdrivers, pliers, suction cups and other accessories can be integrated to automate any type of assembly process even for products of different sizes, stiffness, and texture. Collaborative robots also make it possible to automate hybrid processes where the tasks with the highest added value are left to the operators.

Random Bin Picking

Thanks to our experience in machine vision and robot guidance via industrial camera, we are able to design and build the perfect pick and place system that allows you to fully automate the enslavement of your production chain.

Quality Check

Robots equipped with vision systems controlled by the most modern computer vision and artificial intelligence systems allow automating any type of quality control, picking up and removing from the process all the elements that do not comply with the required standards.

Machine Tending

Robots can fully automate the loading and unloading processes of CNC machines such as die-casting, bending, ICT, and more, freeing operators from repetitive, tedious processes while reducing costs.

Bring your business into
the future with a research and development project

Thanks to the experience of the engineers of the HIRO Robotics team, we design systems that go far beyond the limits of the current automation market offer. We provide our skills in robotics, automation, artificial vision, and machine learning to follow companies in innovation processes and research projects with the aim of creating systems not yet available on the market, specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual company or business groups.

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Write to us immediately, to be contacted by a member of our team. Together and without any commitment we will evaluate the ideal process and systems to improve productivity and reduce the costs of your production chain. By visiting your plant we will evaluate together the areas where it is most convenient to automate the tasks of your line, providing you with an integrated study with 3D models, technical proposals, and estimates so that you can best evaluate the best choices to optimize your business.